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Australian Institute of Steel Detailers

Fostering Excellence in the Steel Detailing Industry through Communication and Understanding


The AISD is an industry representative body that provides its members with official recognition of their expertise. It differentiates between an individual or company that proudly advocates a high standard of work and ethical business practice and those who don't.

Queensland New South Wales Victoria / Tasmania South Australia Western Australia / Northern Territory

Aims & Objectives

  • To promote and safeguard the interests of all members.
  • To develop and establish a code of ethics.
  • To promote the responsibility that all disciplines have in producing correct and complete documentation
  • To establish and adopt a uniform "general conditions of contract" for steel detailers.
  • To support the professional development of steel detailers such that the industry as a whole can compete with the overseas market.
  • To improve professional recognition of steel detailers in industry.
  • To work closely with the Australian Steel Institute (ASI).
  • To enlighten the construction industry as to what is involved with the preparation of steel detail drawings, by the provision of technical talks, seminars and conferences.
  • To offer advice to members on issues that may be affecting those members.
  • To provide a forum by which members can freely exchange ideas and information. To educate and train steel detailers.
  • To provide a system of accreditation for steel detailers.
  • To print articles or publish newspaper reports, periodicals, books or leaflets that the AISD may deem desirable for the promotion of its objectives.
  • To federate with, to affiliate with, or act in conjunction with similar associations in other states of Australia and abroad who pursue similar interests.

Benefits of Membership

Industry recognition of your experience

Steel detailing is an unregulated industry. Because of this, there is nothing to stop a person, with no detailing or even no drafting experience, from calling themselves a steel detailer. There is currently no pre-requisite qualification required for this position. It's due to these circumstances that the reputation of our industry is tarnished by 'cowboys'.

The AISD is an industry representative body that differentiates between these cowboys & the bona-fide professional. The Australian Institute of Steel Detailers provides members with official recognition of their expertise. It differentiates between an individual or company that proudly advocates a high standard of work and ethical business practice and those who don't.

The AISD website includes a Find a Detailer section which effectively advertises detailing companies to the market place and can have a link to your company's own website.

Ongoing professional development

The AISD organises presentations to be delivered by steel industry leaders & professionals for the benefit of members. These presentations will range from steel merchants & manufacturers to fabricators, erectors and engineers.

Develop a network of peers in the industry for exchanging ideas & sharing experiences

Twice a year, the AISD has General meetings where all members are invited to participate in forum style debate about the steel detailing industry. This provides an excellent opportunity to share your experiences (good or bad) as well as exchange ideas about matters that affect us all.

Many detailing offices sometimes have to turn away larger jobs because of manpower limitations and unachievable delivery deadlines. AISD provides an opportunity for members to network and team build between their respective operations to allow members to use the resources of other member offices to provide the manpower to take on larger projects and increase business and profitability of their own office.

Representing Steel Detailers to the Construction Industry

The Australian Institute of Steel Detailers was formed after several forum evenings which highlighted the problems facing the detailing profession. It became clear that the Steel Detailing Industry needed a body to act on it's behalf in trying to address these issues. The AISD has since represented detailer's by:

Socialise with colleagues at AISD functions & events

The steel detailing world is a small but friendly place. All of the events listed above usually conclude with refreshments and a snack, which is an ideal mix for members to catch up with friends and colleagues from other companies or just a little social banter with the people from the office.

Put forward your ideas on how to improve the lot of Steel Detailers

The general meetings and AGM give all members the chance to:

Support your industry

Even if you have no desire to become intimately involved with the AISD, you can help your industry simply by standing up and being counted as a member. The greater the membership the AISD represents, the better chance we have of making a difference. Remember, the AISD exists to improve our industry and solve some of the problems currently plaguing our everyday experience.

Enables you to provide feedback & response to industry developments and direction

All correspondence issued by the AISD invites feedback and input. Here's your chance to put your two bobs worth into everything we do from the Newsletter to Presentations to the Institute of Engineers Australia.

Get elected to the management Committee and play an integral role in the future of your profession

If you're really serious about your profession, get involved with the Management Committee. Any full member can get elected to the committee. Simply nominate at the AGM because all committee positions are vacated every year. Members other than Full Members can still get involved with the various task groups currently contributing to the go-forward of the organization.