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Structural Steel Detail Draftsperson. (a.k.a. Steel Detailer)

Talk to people in the steel construction industry and they’ll tell you that there is always something happening. It's a global industry and in Australia we are world class. Just about every major construction project in Australia contains some structural steel.

As a steel detail draftsperson, there's a real sense of satisfaction in seeing a building or process structure erected using your plans.

Most importantly this industry has places to go. There will always be a steel detailing career path available. This may take you interstate or overseas - the opportunities are numerous. Because of this there is always the chance to learn new future skills and then provide advanced career options. You will undoubtedly be both rewarded personally and financially!

Where are you headed?
You could be nearing the end of your school years or looking for a great career change.

What’s the next step?
Maybe it’s still a big question mark or perhaps you already have it all mapped out. This is where we can help you.

What about a career in structural steel detail drafting?
It needs dedicated people with a wide range of talents, skills and educational backgrounds and it offers opportunities for excellent career growth and satisfaction.

Why steel?
Careers in structural steel detailing allow significant participation during the full creation of both the production and erection of steel through to the creation of the newest eye-catching steel structure, or processing plant.

Welcome to one of Australia’s best kept secrets in the world of careers
The last time you drove over a steel bridge, glanced at a structural steel framed building or saw a mining advertisement showing all that usage of steel, you could be forgiven for assuming an engineer created the drawings so the steel could be manufactured. This is not the case.

Imagine that you are this Structural Steel Detail Draftsperson standing on site. The steel is now up, all created entirely from your drawings. The Structural Steel Manufacturer (Fabricator) has manufactured each component and it’s erected. You can’t be blamed for indulging in self pride.

Behind every project that uses structural steel are dedicated Structural Steel Detail Draftspersons. They are the ones who prepare the detail drawings for manufacturing each component and erection of all that structural steel.

So what is in it for you and what do you need to enjoy doing during your new career?

Personal motivation and skills required
You could be part of the dynamic team that builds the next cutting edge steel-framed building, have a hand in manufacturing top quality steel products or even from start to finish, developing a major resource project.

Do you like to work with your hands and are you good with figures?
Do you enjoy getting immersed in the technical side and perhaps you also have a good head for business?

Structural steelwork detailers specialise in preparing detailed shop drawings for the manufacture and erection of the steel framework used in the construction of buildings, bridges and other steel structures. For this they mainly currently use 2D and 3D computer-aided drafting (CAD) software.

It is necessary for the steel detailer to extract the information needed from drawings prepared by the structural engineer and architect. Once completed, their detail drawings show all the information needed by the fabricator to undertake manufacturing and erection of the job.

Detailing requires drafting skills including knowledge of geometry and trigonometry as well as problem solving, good spatial visualisation and logic. If you have an interest in structures, enjoy computers and design, can produce accurate and detailed work and have good communication skills, then great satisfaction from this career will be yours.

Sure there is a lot to learn, but you’ re not afraid of a challenge and will develop all your new skills under the guidance of dedicated and patient people. They know what it takes to be the best possible candidate for a future in our profession.

Further information
We at the AISD are always available to talk to you about our profession.

Don’t hold back if you would like to know more, go to the Committee of Management in your state, on our website, pick up the phone and ask as many questions as you want answers to. We are there to help you make this career decision. If you are still at school, get Mum or Dad to call us also.

Training Package information
On the 19th March 2009, the first training packages in Structural Steel Detail Drafting were completed and added to the National Training Information Service (NTIS).

Now, you can for the first time ever, qualify at brand new Certificate III and/or Diploma training packages in Structural Steel Detail Drafting.

The new training package pathways are part of Manufacturing Technology.

Go to the NTIS links below and scroll down to structural steel detailing and you will see what is involved within the training packages and what you will be learning in order to become a structural steel detailer.

Certificate III course

Diploma Course

The AISD welcomes you to our world of success. If you are strongly motivated, self disciplined and seeking a strong professional future, this is without doubt one of the most exciting, rewarding opportunities possible in the world of drafting.

Your future advancement will only be governed by your own personal efforts.

After all, there has never been a better time to put your energy to work and achieve your own unlimited potential for a lifetime, satisfying career.

To top this off, just think of the people you create jobs for, estimators, steel merchants, truck drivers, boilermakers, welders, riggers, crane drivers, dogmen, welding suppliers, bolt makers, foundry workers, miners, receptionists, secretaries, not to mention engineers and architects and builders.