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Steel Detailers Handbook

The AISD is currently reviewing the Steel Detailers Handbook with the aim of modernising the content to reflect current practices of the industry and altering the layout and presentation to make it more relevant for today’s Detailers. It is intended that when the new edition is published, the Handbook should also fulfil the needs of training and on-going professional development within the industry.

The review process is being lead by AISD Victoria. This is a considerable undertaking for a volunteer organisation such as the AISD, so the strategy is for Victoria to provide the co-ordination and management for the exercise, with other state groups contributing to the development as and where required.

AISD Victorian President, Trevor Richie, of Balpara, reports that the review of the Handbook has passed the first stage with the mapping of a new content outline. This Table of Contents has been distributed to all state committees for approval and comment and we will now proceed to the next stage which will be incorporation of comments and feedback.

Trevor said “the last thing we want is a “Balpara Detailers Handbook” so we are looking for participation of members from other states who are eager to write/re-write a chapter, and make the document a truly nation publication. Interested parties should contact the Vic/Tas president and obviously, all contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Once complete, we hope to make the handbook available on-line. The existing publication was originally only available in hardcopy and it’s widely thought that this has contributed to its limited distribution and uptake within the broader industry.

If you’re keen to be involved in this project, please contact Trevor at [email protected]

AISD Steel Detailers Handbook

Detailer Deliverables

The Story so Far

During 2005 the Australian Steel Institute hosted an industry forum on Technology Integration in the steel industry. The industry sectors represented at the forum were steel distributors, fabricators, roll formers & detailers. Mincom was appointed as a business analyst to capture and report on the information from the primary forum as well as subsequent meetings held by each of the four industry sectors.

The driving force behind the forum was the steel distribution sector.

The steel distribution sector's viewpoint in Queensland is that it has invested considerable resources into developing their equipment and processes to allow the up-take of world's best practices and technology and are, in many instances, waiting for the rest of the industry to catch up.

Many detailing companies have taken steps to modernise their methods and software and some of this software is able to deliver the electronic data sought by distributors and rollformers. However, prevailing fabricator requirements do not include this data thus keeping detailing & distribution sectors at arms length. This all too often results in the technological advances made by the detailer and merchant being left to flounder on the rocks of market competition.

The Issues

There is consensus amongst some sectors of the steel detailing industry that until their fabricator clients begin to demand the high technology sought by the steel merchants, there is no desire to alter their current detailing practices. Presently, the technology 'Push' appears greater than the market 'Pull', especially for smaller detailing enterprises.

It's the belief of the AISD that before moving forward, the Technology Integration Forum will have to possess a sound understanding of the technology currently in use by all sectors of the steel construction industry.

The Response

In response to the Technology Integration Forum, the Australian Institute of Steel Detailers has prepared a break-down of the various outputs available from steel detailers.

Each of the five categories shown below represents a benchmarked minimum supply in technological terms only and is inclusive of all steel detailing practices.

Because these categories represent minimum supply, various additional items or products may be requested by the client to suit their individual manufacturing processes.

It should be noted that not all detailing companies are able to provide the full suite of deliverables.

Listed here on this site, are other detailers who may be able to provide additional services and data.

To be most effective and to avoid misunderstandings, fabricators and distributors should specify their requirements at the time of tender by referring to one of these categories.

Download the AISD Detailer Deliverables document

Detailer Deliverables

The AISD Design Document Checklists have a range of uses including:

These checklists can be applied to different documentation tasks which affect the detailed steelwork specification requirements and will, in turn, simplify co-ordination.

Use of the checklists will help clarify the expectations of each member of the steelwork procurement team and should help realise key benefits to the whole project including:

Download a copy of the AISD Design Document Checklists