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Professional Declaration

Structural Steel Detailer

1. A Structural Steel Detailer is a person who provides detailed shop drawings to enable the fabrication, transportation & erection of structural steelwork on building and construction projects.

2. In order to produce these detailed drawings, the Structural Steel Detailer interprets the information provided in the design documents provided by the design professionals for a proposed project as follows:

3. It is not the role of the Structural Steel Detailer to assume any part of the design role of the Engineer or Architect, either in setting out or rectifying the structural or dimensional requirements of the proposed structure. Structural Steel Detailers are not designers of steel member sizes or associated structural connections and cannot be held responsible for structural dimensions. In any event, they are not legally able to accept this role

4. It is not the role of the Structural Steel Detailer to generate RFI's so as to complete the design documentation. RFI's are only for the clarification of the design documents.

5. While it is the Structural Steel Detailers responsibility to report any discrepancies that are discovered in the design documents, it is not the Structural Steel Detailers responsibility to discover discrepancies, including those associated with the coordination of the various design disciplines. The quality of the design documents is the responsibility of the entities that produce those documents.